• EMESSAGES: Engaging with our community

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While compelling interiors has its own modest but meaningful role in providing food for thought, our communications team seeks to also make a positive difference in the daily lives of those who would like to connect with us through our eMessages.

Every eMessage embodies subtle nuances of personal aspirations, community values and spiritual ideals that are thoughtfully aimed at what encourages, uplifts and touches us, in ways that help make it easier to overcome the daily stress and routine.

We discover our own fulfilment in being able to contribute, in our own small but meaningful way, to the inner well-being of those who would like to connect with us.

Whether our eMessages evoke inner peace and joy to your life every now and then; or, whether they elicit even a little smile every once in a while, the honor is ours to serve and deliver these simple but enduring emotions to the doorstep of your heart.

We look forward to connecting with you; and, connecting through to you.

To stay in touch with us through our eMessages, please fill in your details. We will be delighted to ‘share space together’ with you.