• About Us

Our creed is to design stunning interiors that challenge the imagination. Designs that dare to blur the boundaries of the possible and impossible, culminating in astonishing and spectacular beauty found only in dreams.

As part of the rigorous process of realizing client vision and objectives, we believe that every site and program requirement carries within it a latent authenticity, which holds an alluring and mysterious key to unlocking a final solution that is unique and irresistible.

Our designers each possess a sensitive understanding of how interiors should feel and be seen; and, never be forgotten. Artistic discernment that traces back to aesthetic sensibilities proficient in harnessing a site’s cultural heritage and architectural language, while creatively invoking elements from the natural-realm, which we believe to be Art in its purest form.

Ultimately, we seek to enhance the brand of our international list of clients – from Singapore, Indonesia, India, Dubai and Bahrain – by virtue of originating interiors of miraculous beauty that is timeless and forever modern, setting unassailable standards of design excellence. Designs of phenomenal, spellbinding and exquisite artistry that test the peripheries of our imagination.

The design teams are led by Christopher Tay (Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University, New York)